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Cybercrime is at its peak today. Despite of having cyber-security departments and a dedicated cyber police, attackers are on the loose and can attack your business database any time. To add to that, most small businesses are not even aware of the fact that cyber theft can be detrimental for them! For example, about 50% of small-scale businesses in Australia did not identify cyber threat as a factor when asked to list their risks and merely a 7% of micro-businesses in the UK have an effective cyber security system!

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(The Ultimate Mantra: Setting Realistic Goals)

With more than 5 decades of the corporate sector dominating the economy, things have become a little too standardised when it comes to the world of offices ideally located within four walls of glass in a business district. These standardisation have also affected employees with more and more firms using similar ways to ‘judge’ or ‘evaluate’ employee performances leaving an awkward scope of discussion. Yes- there is Performance Management that is happening, but its purpose is totally lost with employers not being able to establish logical links between employee engagement and performance management. 

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