Performance Management and Employee Engagement in HRM

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(The Ultimate Mantra: Setting Realistic Goals)

With more than 5 decades of the corporate sector dominating the economy, things have become a little too standardised when it comes to the world of offices ideally located within four walls of glass in a business district. These standardisation have also affected employees with more and more firms using similar ways to ‘judge’ or ‘evaluate’ employee performances leaving an awkward scope of discussion. Yes- there is Performance Management that is happening, but its purpose is totally lost with employers not being able to establish logical links between employee engagement and performance management. 

Today- the form that hits your desk and asks you to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 has become a mere formality which you’d love to check off your to-do list. There is no thought process that goes into it from the employees’ end. The story is quite the same for the employers. They know this is the trend, everyone does it and hence they must. The issue ends with a form being downloaded or hastily created and conveniently thrown at employees. So who is actually ‘engaged’ in this performance management process? The sad answer is- no one. 

Here at Inversion, we are attempting to redraw the lines between performance management and employee engagement. Instead of basing employee judgement on checklists or forms, we are basing them on opinions and contributions. Instead of calculating points and squeezing humans into categories, we are willing to take up a combined approach of goal setting. In this scenario, the employees, after interacting with the HR, will be able to set a goal which contributes towards the long term plan of the company and will take full responsibility of reaching that target. The goal will be time-bound and tough but the fact that the employees themselves are setting it will always keep them engaged and automatically- their status of completion at the end of the time period will be the most practical performance management target!

Besides, with the coming of goals, the ‘awkward’ scope of discussion we initially spoke about turns into a more comfortable space for interaction where employees are looking forward to let the firm know of their efforts and plans to meet the set goal. This interaction makes way for a mutual relationship between the employee and the employer and on top of that, the employer having closely monitored the employee throughout the goal chasing process now stands at a better position in determining the trainings or improvisation likely to benefit the employee. 

In this way, with our inquisitive and revolutionary approach, we are trying to add a sense of cause behind a few tiny bits of the corporate sector so that everything is more reasoned out and beneficial to all the parties involved. This simple and rather inexpensive goal setting approach further links to team work, appraisal methods and personal development- which are otherwise matters separately dealt with by the HR team. The more we integrate every service provided by HR, the more holistic and wholesome its effects will be- and we sell this notion as our USP!


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