Cyber Theft- A Real Threat to Small Businesses

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Cybercrime is at its peak today. Despite of having cyber-security departments and a dedicated cyber police, attackers are on the loose and can attack your business database any time. To add to that, most small businesses are not even aware of the fact that cyber theft can be detrimental for them! For example, about 50% of small-scale businesses in Australia did not identify cyber threat as a factor when asked to list their risks and merely a 7% of micro-businesses in the UK have an effective cyber security system!

A small business already has a lot of expenses but limited resources. Having created a website and database is a huge expense in itself and paying for cyber-security over that can be very intimidating! Most firms ignore cyber threats thinking of their tiny chances of getting attacked  but unfortunately do not realise that in case those chances are met, they can lose literally all their money and crucial information to which can then be sold to competitors! 

Here at Inversion, we fully accept the risks involved in ignoring cyber-threat and hire IT experts that keep in mind security while they develop information for the business. Cyber-security is not treated as an option but actually a compulsion as per our policies!

Hence, the first step to play safe is to invest in cyber-security softwares and technologies right after a business is established. With that, our experts also insist on creating a back-up recovery database so that data lost in any worst-case scenario is not gone forever! To test your data-security systems, we will also take into consideration the inventory of threats detected and ensure that the software can fight all odds to keep your company safe!

Then, taking into consideration all the stakeholders, we develop a response-plan in an event of a data-breach so that everyone sharing your company network knows exactly what to do to prevent the virus further corrupting their systems- just like a fire-drill and evacuation plan, we will teach your workforce to evacuate the virus! 

By putting these systems into place, we are trying to address the ‘perception gap’ prevalent in the market so that we can take your idea from ‘cybercrime is not a real crime’ to ‘the crime is real and we must fight it!’

Our security network will certainly instil a sense of confidence within you as we directly address the most prevalent issues of corporate cybercrime. Our top priorities are to protect the website and guard the cloud storage. With that, we also educate your workforce regarding phishing attacks so that they know exactly what type and amount of information can be released upon request can effectively differentiate between scam and genuine demands. Lastly, since we want none of our valuables kidnapped, our security managers will be continuously working on battling ransomware crypto-worms so that you don’t have to give away your money for your very own data!


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