Talent Recruitment and Management

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Being able to recruit talented employees seems like an obvious goal for every firm! However, it is strange enough that they don’t even define the word talent in this process. Our HR Team at Inversion starts with defining talent in terms of what your company needs and these quantitative prospects help us target a potential pool of candidates. Only when we operationalise the term- ‘talent’ we are able to look for specific qualities in a candidate who we label as ‘talented’. For example, being good with computer softwares is a must for an IT candidate, but talented will be those who use their expertise to come up with something creative and different from the market. 

Next, as the HR service provider for a growing firm, we also realise that talented candidates will only look up to reputed companies and extend their services to those that will get their profile a sense of esteem. Hence, alongside the process of recruitment, our professionals also coordinate with the PR team to launch an attractive and reputable image of the company in the market via the chain of connections we have with top level associates and market leaders. This combined with unique and segmented advertising will naturally expand the firm’s scope of hiring major-league talent. 

Besides, while we believe that extremely talented candidates can instantly benefit the company, we also understand that a few others may have the potential to do more than their present performance levels and willingly accommodate them in our HR plans of action. Identifying and training these individuals under talent management not only expands skill-base and enhances flexibility but also helps the firm establish a loyal relationship with the people it has raised with its extended support. 

Talent Management is now vital to the development of a company and not just a fancy theory. It essentially allows HR Managers to identify internal candidates and keep a detailed record of their present and improving abilities which comes handy when they consider filling key positions via internal recruitment. Next, the fact that individual talents are noted and discussed with employees directly boosts motivation levels which takes them towards self-actualisation and reduces turnover to cut replacement hassles for the business. 

This process of recruiting and managing talent boosts the future prospects of the company when it comes together. The idea behind recruitment qualifies to become an upbeat process from a mere necessity. By encouraging talent recruitment and management, we in a way expand the job roles of individual candidates and bridge skill gaps via effective training. The approach has gradually shifted into believing that every recruit possesses a certain number of talents and it is the HR’s responsibility to often pull them out and channel them as per the needs of the job. So from simply looking for talented people, HRs at Inversion are also enthusiastically attempting at making everyone talented!


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