How DOOH Is Taking Over The Advertising Industry By Storm

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We all need a change in our lives and variety is always welcome! Then why not extend this to the billboards and hoardings on our streets as well as posters on are walls? Digital ‘out of home’ advertising (DOOH) is literally conquering our market by getting more upgraded and techno-savvy forms of advertising day by day! From just a busy business street to a glittering photographer’s heaven- the Times Square in New York is the most well-known example of what DOOH can do to your town and for your company!

Man’s need to catch up with real-time and stay up to date forever is very conveniently met with the coming of DOOH and hence its presence in our towns and cities will only multiply. Instead of having a single printed advert talking of just one product out of the several offered by the company- firms can now control what they show to people with just a click!

Since we are keen to integrate the advertising and IT services offered at Inversion, your DOOH advertise designs and layouts will be an output of fascinating team work and coordination. 

The digital storm is further aggravated because of DOOH’s lesser costs as well as youthful appeal. In the long run, DOOH is perhaps a one-time investment and once we have got the screens set up and the payments made for you- your firm is free to cast adverts based on its needs and marketing goals, without actually having to face traditional printing and transport costs. 

With that- the young, classy and sophisticated appeal a DOOH set up provides is able to attract a variety of target markets and most importantly the youth- who form a share of significant buyers for almost every market. Besides, in developing countries like ours where technology is still considered a luxury, your firm’s DOOH will stand out to speak for its reputation and quality and buyers will naturally be willing to shell out more for what they find fancy and ‘developed’.

Interestingly, DOOH can be further defined with features like Smart Data and Geo-targeting where different versions of your add can reach different groups of potential consumers in a form which suits them the most. For example, an advert in figurative language will do well on a flyover connecting two parts of a city but not a rural centre in the same outskirts where the approach must be toned down to basic and comprehensible. 

Given its upgraded and digital nature, DOOH can also be used for interacting with the end consumer better than other humans at times. Say your train on the way home was not the best experience and a small board is asking you to rate your experience. The entire idea will not only inform you about the consumer oriented approach of the company but also give the firm a way to gather free first hand primary research data alongside old-hat advertising. DOOH can hence be very effective and hit the most sensitive targets given your content is well planned out and in sync to your firm’s goal- which again, at Inversion is our top priority! 


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