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Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resources Management is actually the fancy word for better planning! When a firm knows what exactly to do with its workforce, what tasks to assign, what training to give and what rewards and incentives to offer, we can call it a winner firm! The world and all corporate structures are becoming more and sensitive with governments reviewing and strengthening the employee's side of all debates!

While HRM and Strategic HRM are often confused, we must understand that the latter is one step ahead. While HRM only focuses on the workforce as an individual unit of the company, strategic management consists of aligning organisational goals and the objectives of other departments with those of HR!

To sum it up, as strategic managers, our HR experts are more intelligent and witty! More time is invested in understanding what exactly every department wants and how can people contribute towards the same! Then, a plan is devised which might include initial training followed by team-work and a presentation. These stages are achieved on the basis that the HR Managers are already well aware of every individual employee’s strengths and weaknesses, so that the minute a task is created by any other department, the HR can recommend a list of employees which are likely to give the best output as a team! Once these competitive advantages have been identified and put to practice, the next step is to monitor and evaluate the task assigned to the team. While monitoring does not mean nagging and asking the team to give reports on their status, it accounts for supervising and keeping a watch on the team with intervening only when absolutely necessary! 

We no longer maintain the ‘mind your own business’ approach and believe that irrespective of the several departments of a business, every process, assignment or contract will only be successful with hundred per cent integration and consistency! Hence, interaction is the key to strategize the HR process. While HR experts must communicate with other senior management leaders, they also have to constantly interact with the workforce. In the end, it is all about having a fair idea of literally everything that is happening in the business so that every decision regarding the employee can be taken effectively and correctly. This will, in turn, also keep employees happy and motivated because they will take pride in doing what they are ‘best’ at and would want to perform with utmost perfection, knowing that their work is being noticed not just by their immediate supervisor but actually an HR firm which is happy to reward, promote, incentivize and appreciate as and when necessary! 

Finally, to make the most logical sense, our HR goals formulated via strategic management are always aligned with the aim, mission and vision of the company so that all those who work feel as if they are contributing a part towards the whole process of running the company’s wheels and taking it forward! It is essentially a simple combination of talent and opportunity to strengthen all those who benefit from the workforce of a company!


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