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How OOH Advertising is Moving Beyond Awareness

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The relationship between media advertisers and consumers is no longer simply confined to ‘informing’ or ‘making aware’. Today, the digital and technological turns of the world have made it into vital bond. When you are seeing a particular advert, you don’t even know what exactly it is doing to you amongst a number of processes it is created for- ranging from stimulating interest and creating an image to building loyalty and trust. The media today is perhaps more psychologically complex than it used to be back in the day when black and white v/s colour was the only war! However, it is 2018 and we need to get going. Here are four ways which will tell you about how OOH is doing more than just raising awareness!

         1.Try, Test and Taste

Publicity stalls set up in malls and downtown lanes asking people to experience a particular service or try a specific good are one of the easiest ways to seek public attention. With the number of choices increasing, consumers always want to be sure of what they are paying for and are easily diverted towards a firm which will let them ‘test’ first! In this way, firms are not only enhancing consumer experience but also building satisfaction and forging a relationship via a modified version of OOH- by making it slightly more interactive and elaborately extravagant!


With new technology and features coming in every day, OOH has picked the role of a teacher, where the entire process is laid out to customers in an understandable and visually appealing manner. This form of advertising is usually visible when something unconventional takes over the market- leaving consumers lost and confused as result! For example, companies are now trying to focus on selling ‘automatic’ cars in India instead of the former ‘manual versions’ and OOH in the automobile industry revolves around ‘what’s new’ and ‘most upgraded’ to catch every eye!


While it is obvious that OOH is the direct route to creating a consumer perception, it is also the best method to transform an older one. With fancy billboards, expensive brand ambassadors and a tinge of luxury packaging, companies can literally transform their status- easily giving them an incentive to pay more. This type of advertising is common in the food and packaging industry, where firms tirelessly release new series of biscuits or drinks like ‘Platinum Collection’ or ‘Dark Fantasy’ to differentiate the apparently ‘special’ products from their mass-produced counterparts!

       4.Tell a Tale

To communicate their true purpose to consumers, several firms also pick stories or facts that they can use via OOH to deliver a strong message to the buyers- something more effective than product specifics or discounts! For example, by printing that ‘43% of your fare is borne by the common citizens of the country’ on all their tickets- Indian Railways is actually trying to highlight its true purpose of easing travel by stating the high amounts of subsidies the government offers from tax-payer’s money. In this way, buyers are assured that their taxes and used in the right way and travellers are confident that the government cares for them- hence communicating two strong and bold messages otherwise overlook by the concept of traditional OOH!

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